At home and abroad, the N-95 mask is currently being discussed in parallel with the coronavirus. A few days ago in our country, the name of this mask was given to the common mask. Whatever it is, the demand for this internationally recognized and almost 100% effective N-95 mask is worldwide. Basically health workers use this mask. Let's find out - where it originated, why such a name.

Let us know the reason for naming first. The letter N is used to denote 'not resistant to well'. Because this mask will only block particles, not any liquids. The reason for covering 'Ninety-Five' is that this mask is able to filter 95 percent of the particles floating in the air.
The history of mask use is not very long. The first started but to cover the stench. The plague spread throughout Europe in the 1600s, and doctors began using masks to ward off the body odor of infected patients. The perfume was given throughout the mask! Aromatic masks became extinct in the 1870s when scientists learned about bacteria.

Then came the surgical mask in various ways. In 1910 another plague swept through China. "The plague is airborne," said Lian The Wu, a doctor in the country. He then made an effective mask to prevent it. It turned out that the mask made by Wu had successfully passed the bacteria resistance test. That is called the world's first modern mask.

The N-95 mask was started by an American company called Three M. In 1961, they began production of a new surgical mask, but production was halted after failing to gain medical recognition. Then in 1972 the same company made N-95 mask. The mask was approved on May 25 of the same year after various tests.
Peter Sai, then a professor at the University of Tennessee, patented the N-95 mask in 1995 by attaching modern anti-virus technology to his name. That is why he is called the father of modern N-95 mask.

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