There is only one discussion in the world now - coronavirus. Everyone is terrified about this. So we must take care of the children and mothers at this time.

Sayeda Anwar, head professor of the children's department at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, said the rate of coronavirus infection in children is low. Especially in the age group of 0-9 years the infection does not go away. Although the effect on children is less, there is no chance to be careless with them. Don't forget about germs other than coronavirus. If germs enter the body of these children, others in the family can also be infected through them. So it is better to avoid risk. Although the risk of coronavirus infection is slightly lower in young children, children who are malnourished may have a higher risk.

Afroza Qutubi, a professor in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital, said the risk of contracting the virus was high during pregnancy due to low immunity. Coronavirus infections can occur along with other viruses. Mothers who are pregnant and have just given birth (especially within 2 weeks) should be especially careful.

Things to do for mother and baby

Experts advise adhering to the general rules of coronavirus prevention.

Place Disinfect areas of the house that are frequently touched.

DayGive mothers nutritious food (there will also be non-vegetarian and vitamin C foods followed by a balanced diet).

Keep the baby clean. Change clothes every day.

Good It is better not to caress the baby with the lips.

It is better to avoid public transport. If the pregnant mother has to go out for work, it is better to arrange a private car for her. It is also best to have your own vehicle instead of a rented vehicle (which others can also rent, such as an online transport service).

The mother and child must avoid the crowd. Shop, avoid events. It is better not to go out of the house. Avoid the elevator if possible when going out.

Other Do not touch the mother or the baby when the other members of the family come back from outside, even if the baby comes running. If you want to touch the mother or baby at any time, wash your hands with regular soap. If not, use an alcohol-rich hand sanitizer. You can keep your hands clean as soon as you enter the house. No matter who goes outside, keep your shoes outside. Take off your outer clothes when you return home. If possible, wash with soap immediately and take a bath with soap yourself.

● Stay at your desk even if mom goes to the office. It is better not to stay in the same room with many people unless absolutely necessary. Get out of the house with well-cooked food without eating out.

If When the child is a little older, teach him to wash his hands with soap, cover the sneeze-cough, spit-cough, and spit and remind him again and again. You can't put your hands in your eyes, nose, and mouth without washing your hands. Everyone in the family must follow these rules.

● If the mother has diabetes, heart disease, etc. should be more careful. Complications caused by coronavirus are more common in people with a variety of long-term illnesses.

● Give regular breast milk to the baby. There is no substitute for breastfeeding for the first 6 months to boost immunity.

Newborn baby and his mother

When a new guest arrives in the family, many become anxious to see him. Many also came to see the pregnant woman. But it is better not to do so. In any case (whether or not you are afraid of coronavirus infection) if you want to touch the baby, wash your hands regularly. However, if you have sneezing-cough, fever, shortness of breath, do not go to the mother and baby. If the surgery is done, however, there is no additional risk of the corona.

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