Most people infected with the deadly coronavirus have lost their sense of taste and smell, according to a team of researchers in the United Kingdom. They say that someone loses taste and sense of smell after being infected again a few days before being infected. Even after recovery, many people have these symptoms.

CNN reported, said. The study was conducted by a team of doctors at Guy Hospital in London, led by Daniel Boston. In this work, they have conducted a survey of more than two hundred patients in Italy. It was found that only 6 percent of the patients lost their sense of taste and smell.

The researchers spoke by telephone with 202 COVID-19 patients who had recovered from coronavirus after treatment for the study, called Sino-Nazal or SNOT-22. They were asked if they had any symptoms. Of these, 130 reported that this had happened before or after the attack.
Many say their nostrils are closed again. Due to which they lose taste and sense of smell. 67  of the survey participants have experienced such an experience.
After conducting the survey, the researchers say that loss of taste and sense of smell can be a symptom of COVID-19 disease. So those who will be in such a situation should be kept in isolation. Or others may be infected by them.

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