Thousands die every day from the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) that has spread around the world. Doctors say the virus usually enters the human body and infects the respiratory tract. However, a group of scientists in Switzerland claims that it affects not only the lungs but also every human blood vessel. As a result, normal blood flow in the veins is disrupted and various organs of the body can be damaged.

Scientists claim this in a recent study published in the world-famous journal The Lancet. One of those researchers was Frank Rasitzka, a researcher at the University Hospital Zurich and chairman of the Heart Center and Cardiology Department.
Coronavirus causes more damage to the human body than pneumonia, he said. After the virus enters the body, it breaks down the major immune system (endothelium) into various layers of the cell. As a result, the microcirculation in the blood vessels stops, and not enough blood can reach the various organs. So many people can have various organs of the body including kidneys and heart.
He added that coronaviruses are more likely to kill people with diabetes, hypertension, and other complex diseases because they invade blood vessels. In this case, smokers are also at risk.
That is why people with pre-existing complex diseases should seek the advice of doctors to increase their blood vessel capacity, Rashitzaka said.
However, John Nichols, a professor of pathology at the University of Hong Kong, says more research is needed.

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