No matter what the general holiday, the ban, or the lockdown, people are under house arrest because of this. It's been quite a while now, and I can't say for sure how much longer I have to stay indoors. However, many people at home are making a lot of plans that, once the ban is lifted, where will you go, who will go to whose house. What to do or eat - how much more!

But the reality is that even if the lockdown or the ban is lifted, there will still be no chance of returning to the ever-present rhythmic life. We will have to wait for more. That is why even if the lockdown or limitation is lifted, some work cannot be done for some time. We have to be careful about those things.
1. Once the lockdown is over, there is no reason to think that the coronavirus is gone. Instead, keep up the good work. Moreover, it is not just a matter of coronavirus, but other diseases are less spread by washing hands frequently.

2. Those who can't stay without going to the party, don't go to the party once the lockdown is over. Rather, it is better to avoid crowds of people in the next few months.

3. Don't throw away the important face mask as soon as the lockdown is over. Keep the mask as your companion until the official announcement of the virus eradication.
4. Since in many cases there are no symptoms of the virus. So do not sneeze or cough without covering your face or using a handkerchief or tissue. Sneezing and coughing without covering your face in public is an unhealthy habit. So it is good for everyone to avoid this habit. If you don't have a surgical mask, you can wear a three-layer mask at home.
5. Talk after the mask. This is because the invisible virus can enter the body through the nose and mouth even while talking.
6. For now, you can take home-cooked food to the office. Also eat your own food, it is better not to share for now. You can also take whole fruits like bananas, apples, grapes, and boiled eggs with the peel.

7. The risk of spreading coronavirus or any other germs through money, mobiles, watches, or similar devices is very high. So you have to be very careful in using these things.
8. In this case, you can fill it with mobile plastic while going to the office or outside. In addition, you can wrap the money in the market or in a separate plastic bag.
9. You can clean the shoes with disinfectant from outside to return home. Socks and clothes can be cleaned with soap. Wash the shell of the mobile separately, turn off the mobile and disinfect it with sanitizer.
10. After shopping, office, or any other work, go back home, go straight to the bathroom, and take a bath. You can even keep a hand sanitizer nearby when you go out of the house and disinfect your hands if you catch anything suspicious.

11. If you want or doubt, you can return home every day to clean the face mask with soap.
12. Infections can also be spread from a computer or laptop keyboard. So it is better not to use other people's used computers or laptops. But if he does not have the opportunity to disinfect with sanitizer.
The bottom line is that going up the lockdown means you can't go on as happy as you used to. In every moment and in every case, it is necessary to maintain discipline as well as cleanliness. Until a coronavirus vaccine or drug is discovered, it will not work without these rules and regulations. Because of our carelessness, there could be a massive resurgence of the virus, which the World Health Organization and researchers have warned about.

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