Ayurveda, which has been around for a long time, is coming back to beauty care. Many people nowadays choose ayurvedic products and ayurvedic services to avoid the risk of using chemicals.

Actress Mehzabin said that she has recently started using Ayurvedic products. After using other products before, you have seen both good and bad effects. However, I did not experience any side effects while using Ayurvedic products. He said, "It is not always possible to go to a beauty parlor to get services. However, using ayurvedic products, it is possible to get radiance like parlor at home. Ayurvedic products will not cause any harm, this hope is also in the mind. 'In many cases, it is difficult to imagine the ingredients of other conventional cosmetics and their reactions and side effects. On the other hand, hearing the name of the natural ingredient, it is understood that it will be of some use. Many people are now using cosmetics made from herbal ingredients

For all these reasons, Mehzabin has confidence in Ayurvedic products. Ayurveda works more with health than beauty, said Rahima Sultana, an ayurvedic esthetician at Harmony Spar. He said, ‘Ayurveda or herbal beauty is practiced with a view to physical and mental well-being. Everyone's problem is different. The solution to those problems varies from person to person depending on age, physical, and mental condition. '

Which is found in Ayurveda

The same thing applies to ezines, but not at all. Therefore, Rahima Sultana said that it is necessary to seek advice from someone with Ayurvedic knowledge in using Ayurvedic products. There must be an expert service provider in the Ayurvedic service organization for the well-being of the service recipient. He talks to the client and understands what his problems are.

He then explained the ways to solve the problem. If necessary, the food list is given to the service recipient. Counseling is also recommended if yoga, meditation, or counseling is required for any mental disorder. However, it is not possible to get benefits only with one service at a time. Take services according to expert advice; According to your problem, he will determine how many consecutive days you need any kind of service.

What about Ayurveda

Ayurveda with various natural ingredients, which have fewer side effects. Ayurveda contains various natural ingredients including mango, chlorophyll, Behera, shikakai, milk, tokadai, various oils and nuts, aloe vera, tomato, papaya, potato, pulses, rice. Some of these ingredients are natural cleansers, some bring radiance to the skin, some are antioxidants, some reduce the impression of age.

Good to know

Adverse reactions can occur as a result of chemical products moving side by side. Bleach-rich products are harmful to the skin. So many people are becoming interested in Ayurveda day by day. However, taking services from someone other than an expert in this field can be counterproductive. Wrinkles on the skin can appear at an early age due to mistakes in the selection of such products.

Usually the impression of age begins to fall after 30 years. Therefore, you should start taking beauty services between the ages of 22 and 25. Adolescents usually do not need such services.

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