A student of Dhaka University (DU) has been freed from the deadly coronavirus without going to any kind of medicine or hospital. For this he likes six to seven days. He claims that hot water, among other things, has helped him to recover. He recounts his experience in a video after his recovery. He said that sharing experiences is why others can benefit from it.

The student, who identified himself as Ishtiaq Ahmed Hearts, said in the video that the dogs and cats in the DUI campus are very troublesome because the DUI campus is closed to prevent Corona infection. For this, they arranged their meals together. I also participated in relief activities on campus and in the surrounding areas. Because of this, he stayed out of the room for most of the day, while staying in the house.

In this situation, parents asked to leave their village home. Later he decided to go home. But as a conscious person, he feels it is important to have a coronary test done before going home. In this case, the results of the test positive came to the IEDCR on April 5. He returned with samples on April 7. He was informed at noon on April 7 that his results had come back negative. The video describes what he did in the middle of the day.

Ishtiaq said he knew the Coroner-positive soon after he learned of the affair, telling everyone about the matter, especially those he had met in the past few days. So they can be careful and test themselves if they want. After that, he completely locked himself in the house. Didn't let anyone come near him.

"After that, I mixed the salmon daily and took a bath with hot water," she said. So that the germs cannot spread through the water. You too can have a bath with hot salmon in hot water. It will do a lot of good work for disinfection.

These days I used to wake up every day and exercise. So that the immune system increases. Eat Vitamin C. For this I have consumed the tablet Caveat-C. One tube contains 5 tablets. But I ate it at 5am. No more to eat at the mercy of God. I ate lemon and lemon syrup. I also ate good food like apples, oranges, malts, pears.

Along with the hot water, I used to grill. Mixing salt with as much hot water as I could tolerate, I would do it every afternoon and before bed. Three times a day I used to be average.

Hearts said that the thing that I found most important was drinking hot water. After an hour I ate hot water. As much as I could tolerate the heat, I used to drink hot water. I used to drink one or two glasses of hot water every hour. I think this hot water did a good job of eliminating the virus.

This DU student also said, "Besides, I have washed my hands with soap, which we all know that it takes 20 seconds to wash your hands with soap." I also cleaned my clothes. At the same time, I cleaned the room very well with water mixed with salmon.

Ishtiaq also advised all to deal with the coronavirus without breaking down.

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