How to lose 8 kg body weight in 30 days? A very simple thing that will reduce your fat body in a month. She needs a slimming diet. This will allow you to reach your desired goal. It also has no side effects.

Experts say that the body needs more than 40 nutrients to stay healthy and strong. Maintaining nutritional balance is called a balanced diet.

According to nutritionists, a balanced diet should have 5 types of food. From each group of food, 5 types of food should be eaten one at a time One or more nutrients are available from each group (such as sugars, meats, vegetables, fruits, and milk or dairy foods).

Guava, for example, contains vitamin-C, but not omega-3, which is found in fish. Cheese has vitamin B-12, but no vitamin-C, guava does not have vitamin B-12. Again, in the case of these 5 groups of food, the food of each group has different nutrients.

So we have to make a difference in the food of each group. Each group eats rice as sugar in one meal and bread or noodles in the other.

Some vegetables are high in vitamin-C, some are high in iron. So different types of vegetables are eaten differently at different times. In the case of fruits, one should eat an orange at one time and watermelon or banana at another time. Another day he ate mangoes one day and apples another.

The 5 types of food are-

1. Sugars: Rice, flour, meal, pasta, noodles, bread, cereals or oats, etc.

2. Meat: fish, meat, eggs, beans, nuts, pulses.

3. Vegetables and pulses.

4. Fruit

5. Milk and dairy foods: cheese, yogurt, etc.

As slimming diet food breaks down excess body fat in parallel, there is no such thing as sudden aging, sagging skin, hair loss.

In addition, this diet will keep the beauty and skin alive and there will be no physical weakness. Because it is a perfect diet or a balanced diet. Diet food catering is also done specifically for patients with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high uric acid, cholesterol, arthritis, child health, and pregnancy.

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