Beauty parlor is the first hope of women in the beauty of busy city life. However, even if you go to a fair quality parlor, a lot of money is spent in the end. Here are some tips for readers that will teach you some great ways to practice beauty at home. All those who love to keep themselves beautiful, know that these tips are very simple but very effective. And yes, cheap!


Not makeup remover, coconut oil

Why spend money to buy a chemical makeup remover? Use coconut oil instead. The skin will be beautiful. You have to use the same rules as you use makeup remover.


Honey will remove acne

Say goodbye to skincare treatments from today. Instead, make a mask with Multani soil and honey, rub it on your face until it dries. With daily use, acne will be eliminated forever.


Toothbrush to fill the lips

Want to get soft, beautiful, full lips? Gently massage the lips with Vaseline or oil with a brush. After a while the lips will look full and fresh!


Baking soda will remove unwanted hair

Want to remove hand-foot hair very easily? Learn a great home remedy. Mix an equal amount of baking soda and oatmeal and make a thick paste with water. Now apply this paste on your hands and feet and wait till it dries. Then rinse with warm water.


To enlarge the eyelids

Mix pure coconut oil and lavender essential oil together. Sleep well on the eyelids every night. You will see the results in 2/3 weeks.


If there is swelling anywhere in the mouth

Swelling of the face may be due to pain or various ailments. In this case, using hot water and salt will benefit. Dip salt in hot water and steam gently. The pain will be reduced, swelling of the face.

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