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Health Tips

 health tips 

If a person has become seriously ill suddenly, take him to the hospital immediately. Do not waste time trying to call the doctor home. A single doctor cannot properly assist a serious patient at home.
If any part of the body burns, immediately pour flowing water over it. If there is blister in the skin, do not remove the skin of that part and do not apply anything on it. See a doctor soon. Never apply barnol.
To clean a small cut or peeled wound, boil the cotton in water and cool it after cooling it slightly. Do not use Dettol, Sevalon. Surgical spirit or after shave can also be cleaned with lotion. Band A can be applied on very small wound. If you have a slightly bigger wound, then the doctor should be dressing properly. If the wound has come in contact with dirt or dirt, then tetanus vaccine should also be administered.
Dog bite wounds should be thoroughly washed immediately with running water and detergent soap and after that the doctor's advice must be taken. Never apply chilli etc. in the wound and do not fall under the influence of chandeliers and indigenous medicines.
In case of fever, you can take paracetamol (Crocin, Calpol etc.) every 4 hours. Mild seasonal fever subsides within one day. Do not take strong painkillers such as Disprin, Confiflame, etc. In case of very high fever, you can take half a tablet of Nimesulide. Do not take antibiotics by yourself because different antibiotics work in every infection. In case of fever due to cold, do not eat malaria medicine by yourself because fever due to cold can come due to many reasons.
Do not take Norflox TZ, Ciplox TZ etc. in case of diarrhea. They can cause gastritis and increase the chances of vomiting.
If there is a missing injury, bake it with ice for some time. This will reduce the leakage and swelling of the blood inside. There is no benefit from iodex etc. Some medicines are so fast that they burn the skin.
Mild pain relief medicines should be taken only if there is headache or body pain. The faster drugs increase the acid which is likely to cause ulcers. Strong painkillers also affect the heart and kidneys.
If a person has chest pain and is suspected of heart attack, he should be rushed to the hospital immediately. Time should not be spent in calling the doctor home. The sooner the patient of heart attack gets admitted by ICU, the better it is.
Children who are very upset, weak and irritable while eating at home, they all go to hostels and start eating properly and become healthy. The reason is that there is only food available on time and no one takes food and turns around in front of them.
If you are not interested in any work, do not have happiness in the mind, life seems useless, then you are likely a victim of depression. In this disease, a person becomes depressed, frustrated and irritable, his family life and work are in danger and even he can commit suicide. It is completely cured by treating depression properly.
Generally people understand that eating fruits brings lot of strength and growth of the body. The truth is that there are many important protein foods (like milk items, pulses, gram, eggs etc.) from fruits. Fruit juices also cause damage due to being sour.
If you snore more and sleep more during the day, then this can be a symptom of a dangerous disease Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Most of the patients who are told to be anemic, start drinking pomegranate juice. The truth is that pomegranate does not contain iron at all. Similarly, there is absolutely no iron in beetroot.
Most patients with anemia will prescribe iron tablets or syrup, while many patients have anemia due to other reasons. Some people do not make blood due to lack of vitamin B12 or folic acid. Some people have anemia due to Thalassemia minor. Giving them iron can cause harm.
When a patient is very deficient in blood, many doctors only offer blood bottles. The blood offered ends in only two to three weeks. It is necessary to know why blood loss is done by conducting an examination. According to it, treatment is done to cure anemia.
Many diabetes patients understand that removing starch from rice kills its starch. The truth is that rice itself is only starch (carbohydrate).
Many superstitions are found in people regarding Motijhala. People consider it a special symptom of typhoid. The truth is that due to not bathing for a long time in any fever, a fine layer of keratin accumulates on the skin. The fine droplets of sweat below it look like pearls. This is called Motijhala.
In small towns, such pathology labs have been opened from place to place, which are run by technicians. This is completely illegal and these reports are not reliable. Similarly, in some hospitals, that charitable hospital only technicians do the test. The test should be done where the pathologist himself examines it.

People who are overweight are forbidden to eat fatty foods. In such a situation, most people reduce the consumption of ghee and butter, but they keep eating refined oil because most people think that refined oil does not have smoothness. The truth is that desi ghee, vegetable ghee, refined oil, mustard oil and olive oil, all of them have exactly the same calorie intake. Yes! Cholesterol is equal in all types of oils and vegetable ghee, which is important in heart disease but does not contribute to weight gain.



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