Friday, 11 October 2019

[Money saving] 3 tips for office workers to keep both money and health

[Money saving] 3 tips for office workers to keep both money and health
There is a growing interest and concern about health every year for both men and women. Did you know there are two ways to save money while maintaining a healthy body? To help you maintain your fitness and mentality, Pinda has come to you with special information!
1) commute by bicycle
According to a survey of pakistani  workers, three out of ten people commute by bicycle to take care of their health. Cycling is an easy exercise in life. Not only is there a certain way of transportation that bicycles can do to save money, which is rising every year. Save money and enjoy cardio.

2) eat it on a small plate
For office workers, mealtime is the only time of liberation and stress relief. (Black and black) Of course, it is the most important thing to control your health and mind with delicious and healthy food. But what if there's oily food today? Or would you like to eat a lot more today? Stop and ask the employee for a small plate. And it is recommended to eat food on the plate. Not only can you control the amount of food you eat, but you can also pay less for lunch.
3) Going out and playing with children
It's good to get rid of the stress from work over the weekend by lying in a blanket, but the more we move, the more active our bodies become. Jog or walk in the air. How about becoming a daily physical coach for your child today? You don't have to send your child to a school or a kids cafe, and it's a great opportunity to earn points for your wife or husband. You may have a pair of free sneakers!



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