Thursday, 17 October 2019

Amazing reasons to gain weight just by drinking water

Amazing reasons to gain weight just by drinking water   

Diet is the focus of the whole nation. If you're feeling a bit heavy, you're more likely to control your diet and exercise. I really eat a little rice and exercise hard. Some people are useless because they have no weight loss effect. If you eat only water, you will be discouraged or you have eaten only a little. That's why today's theme is "Wonderful reasons to gain weight just by drinking water"

01. Insulin Oversecretion

Even though I ate less rice, I gain weight. If you eat less, you may think your blood sugar is low. Toru Mizoguchi, a Japanese nutritionist, says excessive insulin secretion can have unexpected results. This is because insulin is involved in fat synthesis. Even if you eat a little, the excess secretion of insulin makes fat easily accumulate, and you gain weight easily.
02. Wrong Eating

Modern diets are flooded with refined sugar, so don't let your blood sugar levels rise. In order to prevent obesity, you have to care about how to replace sugar.
03. Lack of exercise and lack of basic metabolism

Another reason for a person to gain weight easily by eating water is because they are cold and have less exercise. For these people, basal metabolism is low. If your metabolic rate is low, eating will not turn into energy and can easily cause obesity.
04. Blood circulation disorder and fatigue symptoms

One of the characteristics of people who gain weight by eating water alone is blood circulation, fatigue, easy breathing, and rats easily fly.

05. Easy constitution

Another reason to gain weight by eating water is 'constitution'. It is a person who swells and has a low amount of physiology due to poor excretion even if they consume the same amount of water. This is the case when the body is sensitive to stress, emotional ups and downs, resistant and digestive function often causes gastrointestinal diseases.

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