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5 Beauty Tips That Can Make You Beautiful

5 Beauty Tips That Can Make You Beautiful

5 Beauty Tips That Can Make You Beautiful
Beauty Tips

They are not only popular and good at acting, but, they are also famous for being beautiful and charming. Especially when they appear on the red carpet, they will look like a princess who has radiant and perfect skin.

For those of you who are interested in learning various skin care tips for stars, here are 16 beauty tips that can make you beautiful like a Hollywood star from Dr. Will Kirby.

He is a California dermatologist who is successful in a variety of television shows, ranging from Big Brother, The Young and The Restless, to Dr. 90210.

1. Masks to make the skin look more radiant
Beauty Tips 
Instead of wasting time covering your skin with a foundation to look more perfect, it would be better if you take the time (at least 15 minutes) to make the skin healthier and radiant with a mask.

Masks are very useful to help nourish the skin from the outside and help cleanse the pores so that blackheads, dirt, and bacteria will not cause various skin problems.

One type of a powerful mask to brighten the skin to look beautiful and radiant is a milk mask. How to make:

Provide a container, then add 2-3 teaspoons (teaspoons) of milk and 1 tablespoon (tablespoons) of gelatin
Let stand for a few moments, then heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds (or until the mixture forms a cream)
After that wind the mixture of milk and gelatin until it feels warm (lukewarm). Apply slowly to all facial skin
Allow the mask to dry. Then clean or exfoliate the mask from your face slowly Beauty Tips 

2. Natural masks to overcome various skin problems
The following Hollywood-style beauty tips mostly use natural ingredients that you can find easily in the kitchen. Very useful for pampering the skin - so the skin will become fresher and more youthful.

For dull skin - Make a mask from a mixture of apple water and honey. Then apply a thin layer to the entire surface of the face and let stand for 5-10 minutes before rinsing
To deal with swollen eyes or panda eyes (dark circles around the eyes) - you can make a simple mask from potatoes. The trick, finely grated one potato that has been peeled and then apply under the eyes and let stand for 15 minutes
To deal with irritated skin - you can make a mask from butter milk. Apply to all surfaces of the face then let stand for 15 minutes
If you have dry skin - you can overcome it using curd masks and sour cream
If your skin is oily - Overcome by using an egg white mask mixed with olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice
As for normal skin - The best mask for this skin type is a banana mask mixed with grapefruit

3. An easy way to overcome blackheads in just 10 minutes

 Get rid of blackheads, especially those in the nose area you must do if you want to have a smooth and smooth facial skin. If you have problems with your blackheads you can try the following beautiful tips.

Provide honey and cinnamon powder. Then mix with the same comparison
Apply the mixture thoroughly on the face of blackheads (thinner)
Let stand for 5 minutes, then
Wet a cotton bud or cotton swab. Then use to clean blackheads on your face

4. Apply several masks at the same time

 The next natural-looking tips that you can try to overcome various skin problems, is to apply several masks at the same time. For example,

You can overcome the problem of acne and irritation at the same time. Or overcome oily skin while overcoming large skin pores. Or overcome dull skin while dealing with signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.
5. If you want to stay young, you must keep the skin moist    

 If you want your face to look youthful and fresh and free from wrinkles and fine lines, you must maintain skin moisture by doing the following tricks:

For dry skin, choose a cream that contains beeswax and does not contain water
For oily skin you should use mild emulsions and liquids that contain natural silicone or dimethicone
For normal and combination skin, choose creams that contain lots of mineral oil and dimethicone which are known to provide maximum moisture
In order for skin moisture to be maintained both day and night, you must consume at least 2 liters of water per day outside the water intake of vegetables and fruits. Because water consumption is the key to keeping the skin healthy, supple, elastic, and smooth.



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