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Health Tips

 health tips 

If a person has become seriously ill suddenly, take him to the hospital immediately. Do not waste time trying to call the doctor home. A single doctor cannot properly assist a serious patient at home.
If any part of the body burns, immediately pour flowing water over it. If there is blister in the skin, do not remove the skin of that part and do not apply anything on it. See a doctor soon. Never apply barnol.
To clean a small cut or peeled wound, boil the cotton in water and cool it after cooling it slightly. Do not use Dettol, Sevalon. Surgical spirit or after shave can also be cleaned with lotion. Band A can be applied on very small wound. If you have a slightly bigger wound, then the doctor should be dressing properly. If the wound has come in contact with dirt or dirt, then tetanus vaccine should also be administered.
Dog bite wounds should be thoroughly washed immediately with running water and detergent soap and after that the doctor's advice must be taken. Never apply chilli etc. in the wound and do not fall under the influence of chandeliers and indigenous medicines.
In case of fever, you can take paracetamol (Crocin, Calpol etc.) every 4 hours. Mild seasonal fever subsides within one day. Do not take strong painkillers such as Disprin, Confiflame, etc. In case of very high fever, you can take half a tablet of Nimesulide. Do not take antibiotics by yourself because different antibiotics work in every infection. In case of fever due to cold, do not eat malaria medicine by yourself because fever due to cold can come due to many reasons.
Do not take Norflox TZ, Ciplox TZ etc. in case of diarrhea. They can cause gastritis and increase the chances of vomiting.
If there is a missing injury, bake it with ice for some time. This will reduce the leakage and swelling of the blood inside. There is no benefit from iodex etc. Some medicines are so fast that they burn the skin.
Mild pain relief medicines should be taken only if there is headache or body pain. The faster drugs increase the acid which is likely to cause ulcers. Strong painkillers also affect the heart and kidneys.
If a person has chest pain and is suspected of heart attack, he should be rushed to the hospital immediately. Time should not be spent in calling the doctor home. The sooner the patient of heart attack gets admitted by ICU, the better it is.
Children who are very upset, weak and irritable while eating at home, they all go to hostels and start eating properly and become healthy. The reason is that there is only food available on time and no one takes food and turns around in front of them.
If you are not interested in any work, do not have happiness in the mind, life seems useless, then you are likely a victim of depression. In this disease, a person becomes depressed, frustrated and irritable, his family life and work are in danger and even he can commit suicide. It is completely cured by treating depression properly.
Generally people understand that eating fruits brings lot of strength and growth of the body. The truth is that there are many important protein foods (like milk items, pulses, gram, eggs etc.) from fruits. Fruit juices also cause damage due to being sour.
If you snore more and sleep more during the day, then this can be a symptom of a dangerous disease Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Most of the patients who are told to be anemic, start drinking pomegranate juice. The truth is that pomegranate does not contain iron at all. Similarly, there is absolutely no iron in beetroot.
Most patients with anemia will prescribe iron tablets or syrup, while many patients have anemia due to other reasons. Some people do not make blood due to lack of vitamin B12 or folic acid. Some people have anemia due to Thalassemia minor. Giving them iron can cause harm.
When a patient is very deficient in blood, many doctors only offer blood bottles. The blood offered ends in only two to three weeks. It is necessary to know why blood loss is done by conducting an examination. According to it, treatment is done to cure anemia.
Many diabetes patients understand that removing starch from rice kills its starch. The truth is that rice itself is only starch (carbohydrate).
Many superstitions are found in people regarding Motijhala. People consider it a special symptom of typhoid. The truth is that due to not bathing for a long time in any fever, a fine layer of keratin accumulates on the skin. The fine droplets of sweat below it look like pearls. This is called Motijhala.
In small towns, such pathology labs have been opened from place to place, which are run by technicians. This is completely illegal and these reports are not reliable. Similarly, in some hospitals, that charitable hospital only technicians do the test. The test should be done where the pathologist himself examines it.

People who are overweight are forbidden to eat fatty foods. In such a situation, most people reduce the consumption of ghee and butter, but they keep eating refined oil because most people think that refined oil does not have smoothness. The truth is that desi ghee, vegetable ghee, refined oil, mustard oil and olive oil, all of them have exactly the same calorie intake. Yes! Cholesterol is equal in all types of oils and vegetable ghee, which is important in heart disease but does not contribute to weight gain.


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5 Beauty Tips That Can Make You Beautiful

5 Beauty Tips That Can Make You Beautiful

5 Beauty Tips That Can Make You Beautiful
Beauty Tips

They are not only popular and good at acting, but, they are also famous for being beautiful and charming. Especially when they appear on the red carpet, they will look like a princess who has radiant and perfect skin.

For those of you who are interested in learning various skin care tips for stars, here are 16 beauty tips that can make you beautiful like a Hollywood star from Dr. Will Kirby.

He is a California dermatologist who is successful in a variety of television shows, ranging from Big Brother, The Young and The Restless, to Dr. 90210.

1. Masks to make the skin look more radiant
Beauty Tips 
Instead of wasting time covering your skin with a foundation to look more perfect, it would be better if you take the time (at least 15 minutes) to make the skin healthier and radiant with a mask.

Masks are very useful to help nourish the skin from the outside and help cleanse the pores so that blackheads, dirt, and bacteria will not cause various skin problems.

One type of a powerful mask to brighten the skin to look beautiful and radiant is a milk mask. How to make:

Provide a container, then add 2-3 teaspoons (teaspoons) of milk and 1 tablespoon (tablespoons) of gelatin
Let stand for a few moments, then heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds (or until the mixture forms a cream)
After that wind the mixture of milk and gelatin until it feels warm (lukewarm). Apply slowly to all facial skin
Allow the mask to dry. Then clean or exfoliate the mask from your face slowly Beauty Tips 

2. Natural masks to overcome various skin problems
The following Hollywood-style beauty tips mostly use natural ingredients that you can find easily in the kitchen. Very useful for pampering the skin - so the skin will become fresher and more youthful.

For dull skin - Make a mask from a mixture of apple water and honey. Then apply a thin layer to the entire surface of the face and let stand for 5-10 minutes before rinsing
To deal with swollen eyes or panda eyes (dark circles around the eyes) - you can make a simple mask from potatoes. The trick, finely grated one potato that has been peeled and then apply under the eyes and let stand for 15 minutes
To deal with irritated skin - you can make a mask from butter milk. Apply to all surfaces of the face then let stand for 15 minutes
If you have dry skin - you can overcome it using curd masks and sour cream
If your skin is oily - Overcome by using an egg white mask mixed with olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice
As for normal skin - The best mask for this skin type is a banana mask mixed with grapefruit

3. An easy way to overcome blackheads in just 10 minutes

 Get rid of blackheads, especially those in the nose area you must do if you want to have a smooth and smooth facial skin. If you have problems with your blackheads you can try the following beautiful tips.

Provide honey and cinnamon powder. Then mix with the same comparison
Apply the mixture thoroughly on the face of blackheads (thinner)
Let stand for 5 minutes, then
Wet a cotton bud or cotton swab. Then use to clean blackheads on your face

4. Apply several masks at the same time

 The next natural-looking tips that you can try to overcome various skin problems, is to apply several masks at the same time. For example,

You can overcome the problem of acne and irritation at the same time. Or overcome oily skin while overcoming large skin pores. Or overcome dull skin while dealing with signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.
5. If you want to stay young, you must keep the skin moist    

 If you want your face to look youthful and fresh and free from wrinkles and fine lines, you must maintain skin moisture by doing the following tricks:

For dry skin, choose a cream that contains beeswax and does not contain water
For oily skin you should use mild emulsions and liquids that contain natural silicone or dimethicone
For normal and combination skin, choose creams that contain lots of mineral oil and dimethicone which are known to provide maximum moisture
In order for skin moisture to be maintained both day and night, you must consume at least 2 liters of water per day outside the water intake of vegetables and fruits. Because water consumption is the key to keeping the skin healthy, supple, elastic, and smooth.


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West Nile fever: routes of infection, symptoms and treatment

West Nile fever: routes of infection, symptoms and treatment 

West Nile fever: routes of infection, symptoms and treatment

West Nile fever has stirred the civilized world, as little-known viral disease has already claimed more than 60 lives. In the last week of August alone, 24 people have died in Europe, 6 of which are in Romania's neighboring country.

A case of West Nile fever was recorded at the Alexander Hospital in Kyiv. The man who returned from vacation in Crete was sick.

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It should be noted that during the year 2018 there were 710 cases of West Nile fever in the European Union. This is three times more than last year.

Where did the dangerous virus come from?
West Nile fever, also called encephalitis in the region, is transmitted through mosquito bites, and its symptoms are similar to flu symptoms and include fever, headache and nausea. In people with signs of the disease, the mortality rate can reach 10%.

In severe cases, it can cause inflammation of the meninges and brain, damage to the mucous membranes.

West Nile fever was recorded in Africa. It is also dangerous because it can spread rapidly internationally, and can therefore be a health emergency.

West Nile virus infection occurs through mosquito bites

For the first time, the disease has caught the attention of physicians in 1999, when outbreaks occurred in the United States and Canada with the occurrence of serious and fatal cases - the disease has spread to different continents far from where it is spread.

The causative agent of West Nile fever is a virus of the Flaviviridae family of the genus Flavivirus. In its structure, it is similar to the viruses of the encephalitis group and the dengue virus.

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The virus is quite stable in the environment, tolerates drying and freezing well. The mosquito-borne virus is transmitted through the feeding of infected birds to the blood. During mosquito bites, the virus can enter humans and animals, where it can multiply and cause disease.

A very small proportion of human infections occur with organ transplants, blood transfusions, breastfeeding, and from mother to child.

West Nile fever: symptoms
After infection with the virus, the incubation period lasts 1-7 days, in people with impaired immunity - up to 2 weeks. Fever manifests itself in two forms - febrile and neuroinvasive.

The febrile form of the disease begins with a fever, rapid fever and is accompanied by symptoms of intoxication. Patients complain of weakness, headache and eye pain, body aches.


How to keep healthy in winter?

How to keep healthy in winter?    

 Winter is probably the hardest time of year to lead a healthy lifestyle. When winter comes and the days get shorter and colder, many choose to wrap themselves in a warm blanket on a bed of chocolate instead of running in the morning. It is important to take care of yourself in the winter as you would any other time of the year. Below you will find tips to help keep you and your loved ones healthy in the winter.
Light rise
About 100 functions of our body depend on sunlight. Therefore, even on holidays and weekends, your climb should be no later than 10am in order to enjoy the short winter daylight. Sunlight is important not only for the synthesis of vitamin D (for calcium absorption), but also for the strengthening of immunity (for the fight against infections), as well as for the production of endorphins (hormones of joy) 
How to keep healthy in winter?
How to keep healthy in winter?    

Vitamin winter food

Breakfasts must recharge the body! Oatmeal, yogurt, honey and orange juice are ideal in winter. The body will receive a set of nutrients, and you - a well-being and a great mood. Be sure to include a variety of citrus, kiwi, and basic cabbage in your meal. With this diet, you will have enough vitamin C. Protects the skin from frost vitamin E, which contains nuts. Eat vegetables and fruits more often and remember that their substitutes, juices and fresh fruits, although they have useful substances, still do not give the body such important fiber. If possible, it would be a great idea to freeze fruits and vegetables during their ripening season, and then enjoy them all year long.

 Winter fitness

Doctors have no doubt about the benefits of fitness to our health, especially in the winter season, when our natural mobility decreases. But how difficult it is to get yourself involved in winter mornings and New Year's holidays! Psychologists are convinced that things that are reminiscent of training (gymnastics, dumbbells, hula-hoops, etc.) will help outwit themselves. Exercise is the way to health in any condition. By the way, it is proved that 90% of personal injuries or falls in winter can be avoided by the person who regularly exercises.

Winter walks 

Special attention should be paid to winter walks as it is also a kind of hardening of the body. Everyone should walk for at least 40 minutes. a day. In addition to boosting immunity and reducing the risk of respiratory diseases, winter walks enhance memory.

Aired room
Take care of the air in the house - during the summer months, when it is mostly warm, people open the windows in the house for ventilation. However, in the winter, on the contrary, the main task is to keep heat as long as possible. A poorly ventilated area causes humidity and air pollution, which can contribute to disease development. To avoid problems, open windows or use the hoods in the kitchen and bathroom to avoid moisture when cooking or taking water treatments. You can also use air purifiers that will keep your home fresh and circulate.

Interesting meetings with friends

Winter weekends and holidays are the best time to meet your family and friends. Spend time together with the benefit: sledding, skiing, skating can be a good winter weather, and intellectual games of logic, visual memory, fantasy and attention will be helpful. In games, emotions will free the psyche, and additional development of intellectual abilities will always be useful.

Aromatherapy, homeopathy - prevention of colds
Aromatherapy should not be excluded. Light aroma with lemon balm, eucalyptus or geranium oil, and your home will create the perfect microclimate for your health. Homeopathic remedies for the prevention of colds, flu, tonsillitis, prescribed by a doctor, will also benefit.

Joy music and art therapy

Your favorite music will help lift your spirits, relieve stress after the holidays and go to work. Music therapy has been shown to increase the number of lymphocytes (cells of the immune system), promotes the production of the hormone of joy.

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Management of public health

Management of public health
Organizational and legal principles of public health management
Management of public health

The right to health care is, first and foremost, an adequate standard of living. In addition, this right also provides for the existence of a safe and environmentally friendly environment.

Health Principles:

o recognition of health care as a priority activity of society and the state, one of the main factors of survival and development of the people of Ukraine;
o respect for the rights and freedoms of the individual and citizen in the field of health care and the provision of related state guarantees;
o availability of health care and other health care services;
o relevance to the objectives and level of socio-economic and cultural development of society, scientific validity, logistical and financial security;
o Orientation to modern standards of health and medical care, combination of national traditions and achievements with world experience in the field of health care;
o decentralization of public administration, development of self-government and independence of health care workers on legal and contractual grounds, etc.

Public health management system system:

1. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
2. Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
3. The Council of Ministers of the ARC.
4. Public functions in the field of health are also exercised by other bodies with responsibility for the health care institution. Such bodies, in particular, include: the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine. These bodies determine the governance structure of departmental health care institutions.
5. Local state administrations (health departments of regional state administrations, health departments of district state administrations).
Immediate health protection of the population is provided by sanitary-preventive, medical-prophylactic, physical-prophylactic, sanatorium-resort, pharmacy, scientific-medical and other health care institutions.

Health care institutions include hospitals, polyclinics, specialized dispensaries, maternity hospitals, sanitary and epidemiological centers, ambulance stations, health care units and other institutions.

Sanitary and epidemiological surveillance

The State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine is headed by the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine - First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine.

The purpose of the state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance is to control the observance of the legal and natural persons of the sanitary legislation, to prevent, detect and eliminate the harmful influence of dangerous factors on human health and to apply in the necessary cases legal measures concerning violators.

Administrative preventive measures include, but are not limited to:

1) visiting facilities for inspections of compliance with sanitary legislation;
2) demand from legal entities and citizens of data characterizing the sanitary and epidemic state of objects, human health;
3) the introduction of quarantine;
4) carrying out obligatory preventive vaccinations;
5) compulsory medical examination of the health status of the respective groups of employees, citizens, etc.

Administrative termination measures:

1) the requirement for the violator of sanitary legislation to cease unlawful behavior;
2) limitation, temporary prohibition or suspension of construction, reconstruction and expansion of facilities;
3) limiting, stopping or prohibiting the emission (dumping) of pollutants;
4) withdrawal from the sale of food, chemical and radioactive substances, biological materials;
5) sealing of premises, energy sources, units, mechanisms and other equipment.


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Best beauty tips for women

Best beauty tips for women
beauty tips

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin, usually twice a day, morning and evening, with skin care products that fit your skin type.

2. Make sure your skin is free and clean before you go to bed so your skin can breathe while you sleep.

3. Warm up the face and face mask by cleaning it for 15 minutes before using it. Your skin immediately feels fresh.

4. To remove the tan, add a few drops of lemon in a little cucumber juice and apply on the face with cotton. Wash after 20 minutes.

5. To get rid of dark circles, cut the raw potatoes into slices and apply it directly to the eyes and relax.

6. Take the juice from the grated potatoes and apply to the skin for 30 minutes to make the light brighter and brighter.

7. Use a sun protection factor of at least 30 at the end.

8. Use a gentle wash instead of hard soap on the face to maintain a moist skin balance.

9. Clean the face once a month.

10. Mix oatmeal with warm water and apply it directly to the face. Rinse after 20 minutes. This mask tightens the skin and also has a calming effect on the skin.                   

11. Lubricate some strawberries and rub them on the teeth. Do this regularly for pearly teeth.

12. Always use warm water to wash your hair.

13. Apply body lotion immediately after the shower so you can lock in the moisture in the skin.

14. Exfoliate your skin once a week. This way you can clean dead skin cells.

15. Include lots of leafy greens and green vegetables and fruits in your diet to help with the detox process.

16. For soft and pink lips, apply a relaxed oil or ointment to the lips before going to bed.

17. Use a mixture of saffron, yogurt and basin to make the light brighter and brighter.

18. For soft lips, apply some Vaseline to your lips, then use a toothbrush to massage your lips for filling.

19. The best time to shave your legs is right after you shower to avoid stockings and cuts.

20. Use a white eye pen on the water line to make the eyes wider and wider.

21. If you have dry skin, use a cold lotion to remove makeup.

22. Women with oily and sensitive skin should be offered non-alcoholic toners and skin care products.

23. For Asian beauties, eyebrow swelling with a brown pen looks much more natural than with black.

24. Facial massage with ice cubes before makeup helps your cosmetics last longer.

25. Apply mascara to both upper and lower eyelashes to get this "wide awakening" look.

26. For soft and soft skin, look for products containing salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxy acids.

27. Include zinc, biotin and iron supplements in your daily diet to reduce hair loss.

28. Apply egg white to the face, hold for 15 minutes and rinse. This package will tighten and reduce the facial grooves.

29. To get rid of sore acne, apply eye drops in the area and leave overnight. Eye drops reduce acne size and clear inflammation.

30. To get rid of the tan on the elbows, cut the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemons before going into the shower.

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Muhammad Aziz
If you want to stay away from obesity and stress as you age, make it a quick habit to eat something delicious daily. In fact, eating certain quantities of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios or others daily can reduce the chances of increasing body weight as you age. There have also been numerous reports earlier that the use of nuts reduces the risk of heart disease. Can help improve men's sexual function, prevent diabetes and cancer.

And now a daily study published in the medical journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health says that daily use of cats can increase body weight and reduce the risk of obesity by just 14 grams.

Cats are rich in saturated fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but they are high in calories, which has long been thought to be beneficial for weight control, but now there is consistent evidence. Food quality is as important as quantity.

The new research was conducted by experts at the Harvard THC Chen School of Public Health in the United States, during which researchers evaluated data on body weight, diet and exercise habits from 3 groups of people from 1986 to 2010.         

For this purpose, a group consisted of more than 51,000 medical professionals between the ages of 40 and 75, who were part of a follow-up study; another group included more than 35,000 nurses from 35 to 55 years who were part of the Nurses Health Study. The third group consisted of more than 100,000 16,000 nurses between the ages of 24 and 44.

During the 20-year period, these volunteers were assessed their body weight every 4 years, while also discovering the extent to which they used cats, such as exercise, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or other weekly. The warp average was also checked.

The results showed that between 1986 and 2010, the average weight of these three groups increased by an average of 0.32 per year, while the cumulative use of cats increased during this period.

According to the results of the study, those who consume 14 grams daily (ie, almonds, walnuts or others) are less likely to have an increase in body weight but also obesity. Similarly, it is discovered that the same amount of walnuts daily Use reduces the risk of obesity by up to 15%.
Giving exclusively processed meats, refined commodities, or sweeteners to nuts can reduce body weight by 0.41 to 0.70 kilograms over a 4-year period.

In addition, if you do not use cats, but now make it a habit to eat 14 grams, the overall risk of developing body weight and obesity can be reduced. Reducing the likelihood of an increase of 5kg or more makes it easier to avoid becoming obese. Researchers have not yet determined the cause, but have mentioned a few reasons.

One possible explanation is that chewing cats is a lot of hard work and as a result, people have less of a desire to eat, while these cats are full of fiber that enhances the feel of the stomach. And the digestive system works by treating the digestive tract without feeling hungry. It also helps absorb grease in the gut, which makes it easier to burn more calories and these secreted fatty acids. Improves the calorie intake, ie the use of calories for energy is faster Is going
Researchers say that the results indicate that increasing the use of any type of cats reduces the possibility of increasing body weight on a long-term basis. They said that making cats a part of a healthy diet is controlling their increasing body weight. And help prevent obesity.